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Material: wood
Surface treatment:natural bee wax
A wooden ram jewelry necklace can indeed symbolize various qualities and attributes, such as virility, fertility, power, and leadership, depending on the cultural context and personal interpretation. Let's break down these associations:

Virility and Fertility: Rams are often associated with virility and fertility in many cultures. This is because rams are known for their strength and reproductive abilities. In some cultures, wearing a ram-themed necklace can be seen as a symbol of fertility and the desire for a prosperous family life.

Power: Rams are also known for their physical strength and determination. They are often used as symbols of power and resilience. Wearing a ram necklace can be a way to convey a sense of personal strength and the ability to overcome challenges.

Leadership: In some cultures, the ram is seen as a symbol of leadership and authority. This may be due to their strong and assertive nature. Wearing a ram necklace can signify a desire for or recognition of leadership qualities in oneself or others.

In general, jewelry with symbolic meanings can be a powerful way to express one's values, aspirations, or beliefs. The choice of materials, design, and the specific symbol, like a ram, can convey a wide range of meanings and emotions.

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